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ABC Sports Wins SnapSports Indoor Court of the
Year Contest 2011 - 2012
SnapSports’ Puerto Rican dealers, ABC Sports, were awarded the 2011-2012 Indoor Court of the Year for their work on the Pedro Albizu Campos Coliseum in Yabucoa, Puerto Rico.
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This project was completed, start to finish, in two weeks, including removal of the original surfacing and subsurface prepartaions for the SnapSports athletic surfacing. ABC Sports completed this installation in October, 2012.

This job site is located in an area that is plagued by frequent and heavy rain. In the past, this Coliseum has had problems with flooding and drainage. Previously there were 3 wooden floors installed, each damaged by flooding and lack of drainage.

Prior to installing the SnapSports Indoor ShockTower surfacing, the damaged wooden Surfacing had to be removed and properly disposed of. Next, they had to build a VShaped storm drain to channel water out of the Colesium. And lastly, the subsurfacing had to be leveled and brought to the height of the rest of the subsurface area.

After these preparations were accomplished, ABC Sports’ team was able to install approximately 556m2 of SnapSports Indoor ShockTower surfacing. The customer selected a combination of Shamrock, Purple and Alloy for their court colors, using the Alloy to spell the city name in the free-zone along the side of the court. ABC Sports has been representing the SnapSports product line for three years, and has proven to be a valuable asset for SnapSports. Congratulations ABC Sports on a successful 2012!

The photos below, show the completed Coliseo Albizu Campos's project.
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